About Us

About our company

Our Laboratory initiated its activity in 2009 following the growth of the national textile industry and the new demands for the quality assurance of products. We are a young group, gifted with technical know-how and very dedicated. We are located in the heart of the Portuguese textile industry with excellent road access, in recent facilities with around 350 m2, endowed with the most recent technical equipment. Our Laboratory has grown in the past few years at a pace of two annual digits, with our national and international customer portfolio including more than 400 companies.

Today we execute tests on products that go from the fiber to the final product in the different sectors of the textile industry such as apparel (clothes, socks and accessories), recycling, spinning, weaving, dying houses, printing, embroiderers, laundries, home textiles sector, automobile industry sector and the furniture industry.

We seek to establish a close relationship with our clients, in order to optimize the flow of work and guarantee the greatest quality at more competitive prices. We ally our highly qualified human resources to the most advanced technology and equipment to provide a quality service, quick, exempt and of total confidentiality. So we can meet all the needs of our clients and provide an excellent service, we established partnerships with some of the most prestigious international laboratories. In a single laboratory, you can find all the services of textile quality control and defect analysis.

It is not always easy to see which is the best textile laboratory that ensures quality service and understands the specific needs of each customer. There is a set of essential features that you should always take into account when you request textile testing. Therefore, be aware when it comes to deciding which Laboratory:

  • Know if the laboratory meets all the technical requirements that guarantee the quality of the services provided, namely the compliance with the standard NP EN ISO / IEC 17025;
  • Make sure that the laboratory performs the textile tests in accordance with the established standards and the requirements of customers;
  • Guarantees that the tests are done rigorously, exempt and impartially;
  • Approach the laboratory managers about the employees experience: make sure that the team has the necessary competences to perform work of excellence, always in confidentiality;
  • Question how the laboratories measure your technical performance and value the quality of the service: a team always available to hear you is a team always available to help you.