Physical tests

Test Test Method
Crease/Wrinkle Recovery Angle EN 22313
Determination of width of the pieces EN 1773
Determination of lenght of the pieces EN 1773
Seam Slippage EN ISO 13936-1
EN ISO 13936-2
ASTM D434, ASTM D4034
Residual Extension BS 4952
ISO 14704-1
ASTM D2594/ ASTM D3107
Absortion Time EN 14697 annex B
Fabric Weight EN 12127
Number of threads per unit lenght EN 1049-2
ISO 7211-2
Pilling: Mét. ICI Pilling Box EN ISO 12945-1
Pilling Resistance: Martindale Method EN ISO 12945-2
Snagging resistance ICI Snag Box
Abrasion Resistance EN ISO 12947-2
EN ISO 12947- 3/4
ASTM D4966
EN 13770 Method 1
Bursting Strength EN ISO 13938-2
Seam Slippage and Strength ASTM D1683
Seam Strength EN ISO 13935-1/2
Tear Strength – Elmendorf ASTM D1424
EN ISO 13937-1
Tear Strength – other methods ASTM D2261
BS 4303
EN ISO 13937-2-3-4
Tensile Strength – Strip Method AASTM D 5035
EN ISO 13934-1
Tensile Strength – Grab Method ASTM D 5034
EN ISO 13934-2
Zipper Strength BS 3084/ ASTM D2061
Water Repellency – Spray Test EN 24920/ ISO 4920/ AATCC 22
Small Part Attachment security EN 71 Part 1
Safety of Children’s clothing – Cords and Drawstrings EN 14682

For tests that are not on this list, please contact the Laboratory.