Textile Laboratory


  • Composition and related tests
    Certify that your products are in compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Yarn physical tests
    Ensure the yarn meets the desired quality requirements.
  • Physical tests
    The laboratory offers a complete range of physical tests, namely resistance tests.
  • Dimensional stability and related tests
    QualityLab executes a variety of tests that evaluate the performance of the tested products.
  • Flammability
    Know the behavior of textile materials to fire resistance and its propagation.
  • Colour fastness and related tests
    QualityLab performs tests to determine or validate the most adequate conservation instructions for tested products.
  • Chemical tests
    QualityLab offers a complete set of tests for analysis of chemical substances, namely the evaluation of toxicity.
  • Other services
    Consult our defect analysis service and technical consultancy.